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They thought COVID-19 was a hoax, until they fell ill

“The mindset that people have is that it's not real until it gets close to home."

Financial pain of the pandemic hits women of color hardest

“I never imagined that at 22 years old I’d be laid off, applying for unemployment...Where do I go from here?”

The Holocaust survivor hoping to change American police culture

Ervin Staub has always known the difference a bystander could make.

George Floyd protests embolden anti-racism protesters in Europe

“The feeling of being there — that prompted me to pour out what I’d been holding inside me,” said Dutch demonstrator Doja Henshaw.

Pride 2020 marks new era for LGBTQ movement, artist Alok Vaid-Menon says

The gender-nonconforming writer and performer says palatability and easily digestible narratives have for too long dominated the community’s priorities.

Military posted at checkpoints as Australian state extends COVID-19 lockdown

"It doesn't feel like this is normal life at all," one doctor said of Victoria's lockdown measures.

Michigan doctor accused of performing genital mutilation on young girls is denied bail

Federal prosecutors say that Dr. Jumana Nagarwala has been performing the illegal cutting practice on girls between 6 and 8 years old for more than a decade.

'Cocaine Mom' law might be done in Wisconsin

“Cocaine mom law” that locks up pregnant women might be done in Wisconsin

You could buy 250 loaves of bread for the cost of this bread cookbook

Nathan Myhrvold, along with French Laundry chef Francisco Migoya and a 22-person staff, spent four years baking over 36,400 loaves to produce the cookbook.

The Air Force didn’t take domestic violence seriously. Then the Texas massacre happened.

Domestic violence doesn’t automatically trigger a specific level of military punishment.

This Kenyan immigrant was locked up for nearly 10 years without bail

The Supreme Court is deciding whether detained immigrants and asylum seekers have a right to bail hearings on a regular basis.

Girl Scouts smell desperation in Boy Scouts' move to accept girls

The Boy Scouts of America made the decision to take girls, but some worry the plan poses an existential threat to the Girl Scouts.

Trump doesn't have enough diplomats to deal with North Korea

Trump’s failure to appoint or even nominate candidates has meant that two-thirds of key State Department positions remain unfilled — including the second-in-command at the State Department’s nuclear-weapons wing.

Pastor becomes first to quit Trump's evangelical advisory board

A Brooklyn-based preacher on Friday became the first member of the unofficial Christian council to resign his post.

Dying on death row

“What they’re doing is a delicate balance of keeping him alive just long enough that they can be the ones who execute him, and that he doesn’t die of natural causes,” Bernard E. Harcourt, a Columbia Law School professor who has been representing Hamm pro-bono since the early '90s, told VICE News.

Pope Francis hasn't fulfilled 2 of his biggest promises

Pope Francis — whose broad appeal has made him a hero not just for Catholics but for the secular world as well — remains a well-liked pontiff. But his popularity has started to wane among Catholics, particularly regarding sex abuse.

The VA is turning to a controversial private group to handle the veteran suicide crisis

Every day 20 U.S. veterans kill themselves. It’s a mental-health crisis that the Department of Veteran Affairs has struggled to deal with.

Phantom Of The Opera Sequel Dramatically Pulled Off-Stage For Facelift

It was, said detractors, so dull it should be renamed Paint Never Dries – and most blamed the gloomy and confusing storyline.

Immigrants’ social media will be collected and kept forever by DHS

The Department of Homeland Security is expanding the social media data it collects on green-card holders, legal immigrants, and even naturalized citizens in the name of “protecting the homeland.” But many digital and surveillance experts say this type of data collection has no proven security benefits, and even the DHS’ own inspector general has concerns.

Here's the couch, marble inlay, and office decor that got West Virginian's entire Supreme Court impeached

When former West Virginia Supreme Court Chief Justice Allen Loughry allegedly spent thousands of dollars in state funds on marble for his office’s bathroom, he wanted to make sure it matched the inlay for the $7,500 state map ingrained on his office floor.

Culture Corner: Wonder Wear

The film 'Mirror Mirror' is a fitting tribute to Oscar-winning designer Eiko Ishioka.

Inside Hollywoods Favorite Closet: 100 Years With Western Costume

The Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art will soon showcase 100 years of cinematic costumes. See a sneak preview of the exhibit, from Charlie Chaplin's ...

Why we need to stop arguing about privilege

#CheckYourPrivilege. It’s not a suggestion so much as a command when it’s thrown around Twitter — often by a well-intentioned person who is trying to maintain the sanctity of the feminist movement — by decrying anyone who dares try to weigh in on, or attempt to understand, the complex politics of the space...

Trump’s asylum policy could be a death sentence for domestic violence victims

The U.S. government doesn’t break down asylum claims by reason, so it’s impossible to know just how many people ask for asylum due to gang-related or domestic violence. Immigration lawyers and advocates argue that the U.S. has a clear moral and legal obligation to grant refugee status to women.

Purdue Pharma, company behind Oxycontin, just laid off its entire sales team

Purdue Pharma, the company that manufactures the highly addictive painkiller OxyContin, laid off its entire sales force Tuesday, effectively ending an era for the drug that at one point was a top-seller and became synonymous with the nation’s opioid crisis...

A DNA Test Revealed This Man Is 4% Black. Now He Wants To Abolish Affirmative Action.

Should DNA test results give someone access to affirmative action programs?

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